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Although there are many other causes of kidney failure, the most common causes in the United States is diabetes and hypertension. African Americans and Hispanics are more likely to develop kidney failure.

Yes. Your kidney doctor will determine if you are a kidney transplant candidate. We work with several reputable kidney transplant organizations in Houston, Austin, and San Antonio. Our practice takes pride in the use of preemptive transplantation which means getting you a kidney before you go on dialysis.

No. We pride ourself in preemptive transplant evaluations, which means we refer you for a transplant even before you start dialysis.

Yes. In our Victoria Office, we try to see most new referrals within 48 hours. In our Satellite Offices, you will be seen within 2 weeks or if there is an urgent need you will be seen in Victoria within 48 hours.

Weight loss, stopping cigarette smoking, reducing the amount of salt in your diet, controlling your blood pressure, and making sure your diabetes is under control. Most important of all, drink lots of water.

Yes. We have a large number of patients doing peritoneal dialysis at home and nurse assisted home dialysis if covered by your insurance.

A health care professional will see you every week while you are on dialysis to answer any questions you have and provide supervision for your treatments. Our physicians are medical directors for most of the dialysis units so are very involved in maintaining the quality of your care and dialysis units.

Yes. We accept most insurance polices. Call our insurance specialists and they will be happy to help you with all insurance and billing needs and help obtain preauthorization if one is needed.

We can help you negotiate the complex healthcare environment if you have no insurance and accept cash paying patients.

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